Our Services

Management Services

We provide management services for a whole range of hospitality projects that includes Hotel, Resorts and Apartments, from boutique concepts to three to five stars. Backed by years of hospitality experience, we are able to provide strong management capabilities and critical competences across the value chain, and direct access to our proven distribution platform.

Property Management Services

In the recent trend of mixed-use properties, many hospitality developments now possess additional components such as offices, shopping centres and apartments for sale. To ensure quality of services is high, while resources are effectively synergized, we undertake to manage all the common areas and additional development components on behalf of the owners.

Technical Advisory Services

We offer technical advisory and assistance for new build, renovation and conversion of your hospitality development. Our role is to work with the developer and the consultants to ensure that the end product is a hospitality project that is cost-effective to build, fulfils the guests’ needs, and with operating costs kept at an efficient and effective level.

Sales & Leaseback Services

Ariva Hospitality is one of the few hospitality companies with in-depth experience of the sales and leaseback model in Asia.

Essentially the sales and leaseback model is an opportunity for the owner or developer to sell some or all of the units in a building, while offering as an incentive to the buyer a lease management program where the buyer can get a professional company such as Ariva Hospitality to manage their property as serviced apartments, thereby getting a stable return on their investment.

Under the sales & leaseback model, there are a number of alternatives and options for the lease management model. Ariva Hospitality can tailor a solution that fit your needs as a developer or owner of a building.